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Wheel Attachment

The optional wheel assembly lets you move the trestle effortlessly

A simple design has been developed to make moving and spotting the stands easy. A spring-loaded wheel assembly tucked inside one end of the unit raises the feet clear of the floor when no load is on the unit while the other end is firmly on the floor. When the hand truck shown at left is engaged in a ring on the end opposite the spring-loaded wheels and a light downward pressure is applied on the handle, the trestle is as easy to move as a child’s wagon. This eliminates the battle with swivel casters that always want to go in a direction away from your destination. One hand truck can be used for several trestles.

The unit is ready to go!

The spring-loaded unit is easily retrofitted to existing trestles manufactured by Safety Supports Inc. The system could also be added to other similar equipment. A quick assessment by the engineering services of Safety Supports Inc. would determine this adaptability.

wheel attachment for industrial sawhorse

Custom Attachments

We offer custom engineered designs and set-ups for any conceivable attachment for our trestles.  Some examples would be pipe rollers, cradles, rubber tops, soft pads, etc.

engineered sawhorses with wheels
sawhorses for military